Cabin Fever

It is amazing to be able to get out of the heat during a summer in Arizona!  When I am looking for somewhere to relax in cooler weather, I head up to the woods in Show Low for a nice escape from the eggs cooking on the pavement.  Show Low is a quaint little town up in the mountains, a part of the White Mountains, including Pinetop, and Lakeside.



Up in Show Low, there is a lot to take advantage of, including the golf courses!  They are phenomenal, especially in Torreon, where the course is open to the public!

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Torreon is where my family likes to stay when we come up during the summer!  Torreon has cabins that you can rent out and enjoy!  I also recommend checking out White Mountain Vacation Village for more information about places to stay, and if you are interested in reality up in the White Mountains!



Check out the video I made back in October from our hike up at Fool’s Hollow!  There are a lot of lake activities here, including boating, fishing and camping!  There were so many beautiful flowers in bloom, the trail was very easy to follow, and we even packed ourself a nice picnic!  It was beautiful weather, just like it is now.

But wait, there’s more!

Here’s the rest of my pictures exploring around Torreon, checking out their trails, ponds and walkways!

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Looking for a warm cooked meal with a cabin friendly decor? Try Darbi’s Cafe and have a taste of their southern-friendly comfort food!  It is amazing, and the people there are very friendly and have a lot of character!

I know I always enjoy a weekend stay to get away from all of the noise, and up here, you really can lose yourself in the endless star-filled nights.  Don’t just take my word for it, check it out for yourself and let me know how your experience was by leaving your comments below!

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