Locket Meadows

Into the meadow we go…

Take a second to really take in the beauty that this wide open space presents…


I couldn’t believe there was still snow on the mountains, in June! It was amazing! Anyway, we had an incredible time visiting the north, getting out of the 106º weather and heading into the mountains for a retreat into overcast and fresh pine tree air.  Of course when you do a 3.5 hour road trip, you are going to need good company, which is exactly why I dragged my good friends Eva and Derick along for a spontaneous trip!

DSCN2553  dscn2507.jpg

Sign yourself in….

Lockett Meadow leads into the same campground for the trailhead for Inner Basin. This hike, while I am hesitant to admit, was fairly difficult, mostly due to the altitude.  The hike itself winds through the pine and aspen trees, with many opportunities for photo ops.

Leave your mark at the sign in station right where the trailhead begins.


There are so many hikers that have come before you on this journey…


Really embrace new heights and your sense of adventure!


Enjoy the shaded trail, sheltering you with gorgeous aspen trees.

Inner Basin

ALSO! Check out this awesome video that Eva Frohna made of the trip! She is an incredible videographer and has an awesome channel on Youtube with other awesome videos!  Click on the picture below to watch!

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 1.20.29 PM

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Our futures are so bright


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