9 Things You Need When Traveling

So, from personal experience, I have found these items to be ones that I have traveled without and have regretted forgetting to pack them. Note: these are not items you would typically already pack, although some are ones that are good to reiterate. I’d like to start out with my experience this morning and put this one at the top of the list:

Dry Shampoo

There have been way too many situations where I have been traveling and didn’t have the time, nor energy, to jump in the shower and do my hair while traveling.  Today I got on my hands and knees and prayed (while rummaging through the bathroom cabinets) for dry shampoo in my parent’s home and found myself a little bottle of miracles.  Never, never, never forget to bring some with you, it will save you time and a hassle when your family decides to go on an early morning wine tour.  If you are looking for a dry shampoo to try, this is one of my favorites, mostly because the fragrance is very fresh.

Bathing Suit

Ok so this one is a gimme, but there are still people out there that do not believe me when I tell them to bring a swimsuit when you travel. You never know if a situation comes up and say it’s winter time, but the hotel or friend’s house you are staying at has a hot tub, you are going to be left looking the odd-man-out when you are the only person that has to go ankle deep in 50° weather.

Nail Polish Remover

This one is interesting. I have several memories of having to go to a nice dinner with crackled nail polish (and not the old-Katy Perry nail polish that did that on purpose). I know that when my nails are looking scraggly, I feel like everyone and their moms are looking and judging my character (I might be over exaggerating haha). But this is a serious recommendation; it is better to go with clean nails than painted if your painted nails are inadequate.

Extra Underwear and Socks

Another gimme – but as they say, sometimes clichés are there for a reason. This is more for a general public service announcement, that if you do not travel with a surplus, you will run into circumstances where you find yourself running out. This could be from going to a water park and having to change outfits, for one example. Whatever the case or events you will go to, better safe than sorry (also it’s not like they are heavy; it won’t put you over at the airport if you have an extra pair of underwear).


This is not always for you, but it is always good to have. You know that sneeze, that feels like it could just be a regular, run-0f-the-mill interruption, that turns into a science lab explosion? Yeah me neither… But in case you do know what I’m talking about, it always helps to have the comforting hug of tissue around your nostrils (instead of a receipt or worse, your sleeve).


VERY, VERY, VERY important – do not leave without! If you have never heard of this, you are already off better after reading this post. This is a vitamin C packet that dissolves in water and is an immune system booster. If you are flying, I recommend taking before and after your trip, and maybe even 2 days before just to be safe. It will save you when say you have a planned outing with family and the winter cold has got you feeling muggy. Highest priority item.

Eye Drops

So this goes out to all my friends who wear contacts – you never know when you’re going to get that one stubborn contact that leaves your retina burning. Save your tears for something more deserving – like the next Nicholas Sparks flick 🙂

A Pillow

This tip is for car trips and long plane rides. Personally, I’m a sleeper and if I’m next to the window in a car ride, my pillow can almost insure that I will be out the majority of the trip with a good playlist of throwbacks and comedy central’s Spotify special.

Granola Bars

This surprisingly is not just for car trips. I know that when I go home to my parents house, they don’t eat breakfast typically, and if they do, it’s early in the morning. So I’ve learned that it is safer to bring Cliff bars or granola bars with me to make sure that I have more to eat than toast and coffee.  

That ends my list for today! What’s on your list? Comment below with your stories and what you forgot on your trip that you really needed. Subscribe to Arizona Traveler to get updates on new posts being published! THANK YOU FOR READING!

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